Pollyanna – Eleanor H. Porter

How do you enjoy life in a complex world? Are you happy at all times?
That is the answer of many. Life is about moving forward with a set of emotions such as happiness as well as sadness, pain, anger, loneliness. How many people look at every event that happens every day, every moment of their life and look for a reason to be happy with it? They spend their time mourning for what they could not get more than what they received. But if we look at every event in life, every moment with optimism, there are many benefits to our lives.

If only we could be like Pollyanna!
All this sighing, suffers, and confusion was then largely gone. Pollyanna, who lost her mother and father at a young age, gets a roof over her head because of her aunt, Miss Polly. Although Pollyanna suffered the worst losses of her life, she was used to looking at each and every incident with optimism. It was good for her life. She called it the “Glad Game” and played it with everyone she met. From the maid of her house to the people of the whole village, their lives, which had been miserable, were brightened by Pollyanna. Like Pollyanna, they were accustomed to looking at life with optimism. They learned to live happily because of Pollyanna. Eventually they were convinced of how unique Pollyanna’s was to the crowd that flocked to see her when she was involved in a car accident.

This incredible character, Pollyanna was created by Eleanor H. Porter in 1913 through her book, ” Pollyanna “. The habit of looking at life with optimism is wonderfully presented in the name of the “glad game” through her book. The book’s popularity can be gauged from the success of its attempt to set a vital example for the reader through a simple child’s character. The story unfolds in a free environment, including simple events and a simple lifestyle, and is one of the clever tricks used by the author to make the reader understand the intent of what is needed in a relaxed manner. In this sense, Pollyanna is a story that can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults amidst many mature experiences in life.




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