The Ring

The Ring – Danielle Steel

In the struggle for power, the greedy for power seek to trample on the weak and rise to the top. But is power eternal?
One day that power will dry up. But what did the weak get? Only loss, separation and eternal grief.

The story begins with World War II and a noble family in Germany.
Love, how do you define it?
You and I can’t give a word about how love happens.
The beautiful young wife of a German richest banker falls in love with a well-known Jewish a writer who goes beyond her limits. But they both died prematurely due to the cruelty of the fierce Nazis. Since then, her husband has lived with her memories, caring for her two young children. But when his son is a young man with time, it is the overflowing fatherly love that drives him on a very dangerous and difficult journey to avoid being recruited into the Nazi youth army. The beautiful young Ariana, who had been waiting for her father to return for days, felt like a dreamer every moment of her life. But unfortunately, she had to end up in a miserable prison of Nazi’s. In the end she was left with only her mother’s ring.

There she received new hope in life from a kind Nazi officer with love and life. But the war did not give them eternal happiness and took Ariana to France and from there to America. Ariana lived a happy life and faced endless loss and separation amidst many hardships. One day, she is joined through her mother’s ring by the past and the future.

The book “The Ring” can be cited as another unique work written by Danielle Steel. Throughout the story, the author points out that there are happy times as well as difficult times in life and that human lives flow in the midst of facing and enduring them. Love, kindness, sorrow, joy and pain are all well highlighted in every character in this story. Similarly, as I read this story, it felt the same way to my heart. The fact that has written this story to the point where I feel like I have witnessed every event that takes place everywhere is a testament to the author’s ability. Also, I got to read the Sinhala translation of this book and it has been translated very successfully by Koshali Sirichandra as usual. She has done it so well that it does not harm the original work.
This book can be pointed out as one of the most sensitive books I have read in after long back!

G A Y A N I J A Y A B A H U ✍


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