The Rag Nymph

The Rag NymphCatherine Cookson

This story took place in the 1800s. One dark day, a beautiful young woman was running along a deserted road with her six-year-old daughter. She was being chased by two police officers. Meanwhile, pushing the girl towards Aggie Winkovski, who was loading her hand cart with old rags, which was her daily job, begged her to protect her.

Little Millie’s mother died due to the cruelty of corrupt rule, thuggery and prostitution. Aggie was kind enough to become a mother to the beautiful little girl who accidentally fell into her handcart. Ben Smith, like Millie, was a tough young man who came to Aggie’s house a few years ago. Although dirty as hell, this house gave Millie the love and care she needed from Aggie and Ben. But how unfortunate that she had to face so much trouble because of her beauty. Many sinful eyes were fixed on her at any moment to grab this beautiful lily flower. But she is trying. In the midst of all this trouble, she received an adequate education. She also had a job caring for children in a small or affluent household.

Miley, a beautiful young woman met Bernard from a higher family by chance. But when she realized the underlying motive behind his fake love affair, Millie was left with a number of other questions. But Millie is a very strong and determined young woman. A woman needs courage to live in this society. Millie was born with that ability. She learned a lesson from each of those moments. Millie had a good understanding of what kind of place is the society and gave the priority to her loved ones.

I can recommend this book is a really interesting one by Catherine Cookson. The author manages to keep the reader skillful from the beginning to the end of the story. Through her story, she has subtly described the society and polished the experiences of the people in each social sphere through the characters. As you read this, you will realize that this story is from the 18th century but is still valid today.



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