Bookmarks πŸ”–πŸ’•πŸ“‘

Hello book lovers, 😍

Today I am talking about something we use often. That’s is bookmarks! πŸ”–πŸ˜
πŸ”–Bookmark is a beautiful object that is constantly associated with books and booklovers.😍 It is impossible to find a person who never used a bookmark. Because so much of it is unknowingly connected to our lives. So let’s see what this bookmark means. A bookmark can be a paper, card or any other material that can be kept as a mark to reopen when a book, magazine or anything we were reading. Nowadays, the bookmark concept has also been applied to digital technology and you are at this moment using it. The bookmark feature has been developed to reuse a web page on the Internet. πŸ’»
These bookmarks have a long history. Wikipedia states:

“The earliest existing bookmark dates from the 6th century AD and it is made of ornamented leather lined with vellum on the back and was attached with a leather strap to the cover of a Coptic codex (Codex A, MS 813 Chester Beatty Library, Dublin).”

Named the World Book Mark Day as 25th February 😍 in each year and some people who love bookmarks celebrate this day. The purpose of this day is to create various creative bookmarks, and to further popularize them πŸ”–πŸ“š.

Of course today this bookmark is created not only for that main purpose but also for beauty. Eve is so creative that even making or collecting bookmarks can be a hobby. Creating a bookmark does not require special artistic ability. It requires passion and sacrifice. When browsing the internet you will find many different types of bookmarks and the steps to create as you want are also mentioned. As I mentioned above, except the main purpose of the bookmark today is to pay special attention to its beauty as well. There, different materials are used to create the bookmark. It can be beautifully made using a variety of materials such as colored paper, cardboard, yarn 🧢, wood chips, leather, and dried leaf flowers🍁🌸. It is also common to write a special poem or quote in this bookmark .

Some are accustomed to folding pages of the books. As someone who loves books, πŸ™ I do not approve of it. Using these bookmarks really saves us time. Also, using beautiful bookmarks will make reading more interesting. So as a book lover I would suggest you create a bookmark for yourself if you have never used. One can creatively create bookmarks and sell it even as a small business πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—.

G A Y A N I J A Y A B A H U ✍


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