The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides

It all started with a heartbreaking murder. Alicia Berenson, a talented painter, shoots and killed her husband, famous fashion photographer Gabriel Berenson. When police arrived after a phone call by Barbie the next door woman, Gabriel was tied to a chair and shoot several times. Alicia was looking like a ghost, holding the gun and Gabriel’s blood was flowing. In addition to Gabriel’s blood, Alicia was already cutting her hand sharply and was bleeding.

Alicia, who remained silent during police interrogation, was admitted to The Grove’s psychiatric unit because she was already severely broken. But the silent Alicia had made one statement of her own painting, ‘Alcestis’. Meanwhile, there was a man who was constantly on the lookout for the murder and her. That’s psychiatrist Theo Faber. How much his curiosity, left from the psychiatric hospital where he worked and joined to ‘The Grove’ to break the Alicia’s silence and find the root cause of the crime.
But how successful is Theo Forber..??
Because his old mental health reports were not totally positive.
Why he is Theo so interested in this..??
Will Alicia break her silence in front of Theo..??
Does Theo see Alicia as just another mentally ill patient or looking at his own reflection in a mirror..?

The person’s mind is constantly moving. It’s hard to keep it calm at all. Always tempted to pursue a small or some purpose. If he or she goes to the extreme of it, he or she will be tempted to leave the ordinary world and enter into their own psyche. But by then he or she has finally become a broken person. At the end of the first few chapters of this book, creating many questions that are difficult for the reader to imagine and flowing to the end.

The author of ‘The Silent Patient‘ book, Alex Michaelides was able to interpret the minds of persons, very deeply and used the theories of psychology very subtly. His postgraduate knowledge and experience in the part-time job may have helped.

The book, Silent Patient, which begins with a tragic death also end in an unimaginable way. As a Psychological book, the usage of Psychological concepts, is excellent. And the book became a one of best- selling books of New York Times, due to its success. In here, I read the Sinhala translation of the original book, and the manner in which it was translated by Kumara Siriwardane is commendable. I can recommend as one of best translation of his. Also, I recommend you, The Silent Patient book to read and enjoy.

G A Y A N I J A Y A B A H U ✍


2 thoughts on “The Silent Patient

  1. I loved this book.
    Its been more than a year I have read it.
    But, we know the author has done a fabulous work.
    You should also read Verity by Colleen Hoover,
    an another psychology book!

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