My Angel My Hero

My Angel My Hero – Brenda McDaniel

Have you ever seen an angel or a hero in your life..? Or has there ever been such a person in life..? Maybe your answer is “YES!”.
Yes, there are very few such people. But this story is about an angel and a hero who actually lived.

Snowe Mann, the angel of this story, was born in 1928 in Virginia as a beautiful baby with golden brown hair and beautiful kind brown eyes. But her birth was news that brought happy as well as sorrow to the family. The reason for that, as soon after her mother gave the birth to Snowe, an unknown disease took her mother’s life. So, she grew up in the care of her grandparents, aunt and uncle. Snowe, who grew up to be a beautiful young woman at the middle of everyone’s love and caring, and she joined to a nursing college, by following her aunt Hattie’s footsteps.

The hero in this story, else Henry Earl was born in 1925, as the youngest of seven children of a farming family. His father died when he was a child, and at the age of five, he became a depression situation. Since then, his future had not been so light. He had many problems and obstacles. Henry Earl, who grew up as a young man, joined the Navy for his country during World War II, following in the footsteps of his older brothers. There, he had to undergo difficult military training due to the severity of the war. But it is difficult to imagine how it affected the Earl’s mind.

As fate would have it, the angel and hero met in one beautiful day. And the way they met is also very beautiful. Day by day they became true lovers who could not wait to see each other. In the meantime, many things happened in their lives. He was honorably discharged from the Navy and return home. He proposed to Snowe to marry him, and accepted it by her. They married and Snowe had to break the rules of her nursing college. But she kept her marriage as a secret and continued her education at the college. Although, Earl started a new job, his mental illness returned to him. This time his condition worsened and the bitter memories of the war constantly haunted his mind. Unable to believe what had happened to her husband, Snowe gave up her studies and came to him ready to sacrifice her whole life to him.

The story of Snowe and Earl made it clear that life is not a bed of roses, but a thorny road. They had to face many obstacles, troubles and challenges. Earl always struggled with his dark memories of depression and Snowe had to play the role of both husband and wife. She faced life as a brave, strong woman and she got the strength and bless from her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and her heavenly Father as she is devout Christianity. Steve and Brenda were God’s gifts that Snowe and Earl had received. They were cute kids and always Steve looked after his loving sister, Brenda. Later, Deborah Sue born as their youngest sister and it was one of lovely memories that they have.

Brenda McDaniel has written this wonderful book, “My Angel My Hero”, about how their lives flowed and how they faced life, also how her father has finally defeated his foe, fought his last battle, and won. After reading this book, I finally felt like I had lived a long time. At the end of this story, Brenda has sent a message to the society based on her life experience and it is really true and important. I can point this book as a true story that highlights the realities of life and you will realize that the family is the most precious thing which a person has.
This is the first book of Brenda McDaniel and I congratulate her writing career.

G A Y A N I J A Y A B A H U ✍


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