The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena

It all started at a dinner party and it was next door Graham’s birthday party. Anne had already drunk too much of wine and no idea how much drunk. She reached clumsily for her cell phone to check the time and it was almost one o’clock in the morning. It was the Anne’s turn to check her little baby Cora. She looked at her husband Marco but it seemed he had no desire to go back and he was drinking wine. Although, Cynthia was constantly flirting around Marco, Anne was powerless. She was angry with herself and Marco because they left their baby alone at home.

At the beginning, Anne did not want to leave Cora alone at home and her suggestion was, only Marco to attend to the party. Because Cora’s nanny cancelled to come on that day and Cora is still a baby. But Marco disagreed and suggested to Anne to attend the party where the next door was separated one wall from their home. Also, he suggested to one of them go and check Cora every half an hour and come back to the party. And, can check the baby monitor by keeping it close to them. There was nothing wrong that, so Anne agreed and left to party with Marco. They went to check Cora, respectively, until the turn 12:35. Although they could bring Cora to the party, Cynthia was not happy about it.

It was passed 1 AM and still seemed Marco does not want to leave Cynthia. But encouraged, Anne finally left from Cynthia’s party with her husband and stepped into her home. When they reached to the front door of their home, something unbelievable had happened.
The door is OPEN!!
Anne ran into Cora’s room at lightning speed and could not believe her eyes.
Her beloved baby was no longer in the baby cot!!
Cora is MISSING!!

Will detective Rasbach find the root cause of this mystery and find the little Cora..?
But is she still alive..?
Who committed such a crime..?
What is the motive of those who behind this..?

You will eventually find out the answers to all these questions and I’m sure the end will be impossible to even believe. You will be convinced that certain people in society are always ready to do anything for their selfish goals. You will realize that the world is not as beautiful as you think. You will also realize that it is not good to have too much faith in someone. Going into the middle of the story, I felt that the issue was already resolved. But I was wrong! The author has taken the story to the end in an intriguing way. This psychological thriller by Shari Lapena is a New York Times bestselling book. She succeeded from her first book and I can recommend to you as a good thriller book.

I read the Sinhala translation of Kasun Niranga De Soyza and it was written in very simply and interestingly. It is commendable that the story has been translated from beginning to end in one breath.

Brief Description of the Sinhala Translation:
Title : යාබදව හිඳ
Translator : Kasun Niranga De Soyza
Publisher : Prathibha Publishers



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