The Good Hawk

The Good Hawk – Joseph Elliott

Once upon a time there was a clan called Clann-a-Tuath in the north side of the Isle of Skye. Agatha was a hawk who patrolling on the wall by guarding the enclave from enemies. She was a proud and brave hawk and considered it as a very important duty. She bornt as a down syndrome girl and differ from others always by internally and externally. But she was honest and good hearted girl. Jaime was a 14 years old boy who dedicated as an Angler but afraid of the sea. He was slightly weak to make decisions. Unfortunately, he had to agree with his elders to a marriage without any conditions with a girl from Raasay.

In that dark night, the demons invaded their land. They fought with demons who are with red and dark blue tattoos on the faces until the end of their energy. At last, the elders of the clan got tired of fighting. Is it the end of Clann-a-Tuath..? How would you feel if you had to see, your clan was fighting with demons, and when eventually dying in bloodshed in front of you. I know you never think it’s even in your dream. But Agatha and Jaime had to watch their elders’ heads were hanging from chains. The remaining people of the clan were kidnapped as slaves by demons. That day was Jaime’s ceremony and he was with his bride, Lileas in a honeymoon boat at sea. Since the start, Agatha needed to rescue Jaime from this marriage and that night she came to the boat to save Jaime from Lileas. Same time the disaster was struck and they couldn’t help their people.

Agatha and Jaime planned to rescue their clan and started to sail where the direction demons gone. This journey was not easy for them and had to face a lot of dangers and unexpected events. They had to walk in the middle of dark shadows. There were scary and brutal. Can they rescue the Clann-a-Tuath..?

When you read this story, you will live with Agatha and Jaime and you will wish, “don’t hurt them” from your heart. Before I read this, I never thought I can understand a down syndrome person or close to him or her. Because these people are always hidden from our society. Unwavering determination, dedication and sacrifice are highlighted throughout the story by the writer. The Good Hawk is not only a FICTION! It is a YA book! Although, Joseph Elliott is a new young author, I can recommend as he has a bright future in writing and as I really enjoyed this book. Also, I am waiting for next the book to be published, THE BROKEN RAVEN!

Brief Description of the book:
Title : The Good Hawk
Pages: 368
ISBN: 978-1-4063-8585-4
Publisher : Walker Books Australia Pty, Limited, 2020



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