Treasure Island

Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson

නිධන් දුපත – Chandra Anagiratna

For the readers who love reading old books, the Treasure Island by Robert Louis must haven’t been a missed book during their childhood. Although published in the 18th century, the book is still popular with young readers and there is no lack of flavor.

The book, which is full of adventurous action, contains a long sea voyage through a map taken from a pirate by a group of common men. The important fact is, the crew of the ship were also pirates long ago. However, Jim Hawkins is the outstanding child character of this story. He was being maintained a seaside inn called Admiral Benbow along with his mother and in here he regularly met many sailors who came to drink. He was able to listen many stories and experiences of their adventures and specially Captain alias Billy Bones. By the ending the life of captain got the black spot and Blind Pwe came to rob his treasure. But he was already dead and Jim saved his life by leaving the inn with his mother. Fortunately, the map of treasure island was with Jim.

Then after, Dr.Livesey, John Trelawney, Captain Smollett, Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins started a long voyage to the treasure island through this map from Hispaniola ship. Since then, Jim and others had to face a lot of threats, traps and riots.

Throughout the story, the bravery and brilliance of Jim, was written with highlighting. Also, the author has used many related words from linguistics of pirates including songs and symbols. According to my opinion, this book has become so popular because it is so interesting and well written. And Chandra Anagiratna has translated into simple Sinhala by giving the chance to read this great book.

Brief Description of the Sinhala Translation:
Title: නිධන් දුපත
Translator: Chandra Anagiratne
Publisher: Dayawansa Jayakody & Company

G A Y A N I J A Y A B A H U ✍


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