AMAZONIA – ඇමසෝනියා

The book Amazonia, I started to read during the quarantine period and this is a slightly larger book with 601 pages. The moment I started reading book, I thought, I should write a review and but had to wait until finish it. Because this book attracted my attention so quickly and I lost patience until I read it. Before I read this, the Amazon rainforest in my mind was filled with giant anacondas, killer ants, fish and wild tribesmen. But so much of mysterious things..? Invisible powers..?

The story begins with a member suddenly emerging from the forest, who belonged to the Rand scientific expedition that disappeared four years ago by leaving no trace. Before he joined to the team, he was a former Special Forces soldier of USA with one missing arm but came out with both hands active. Withing several hours of entering the settlement, he dies, leaving behind many unsolved mysteries. This was a great news to Dr. Nathan Rand, who had been searching for his missing father for years. The CIA launched a special mission to uncover the mystery before it became a threat to national security and Dr. Nathan was contacted. Since the operation team entered the forest, they have had to face many unnatural events, losing the lives of several of their comrades.
What is this mysterious shadow that is chasing after them..?
Is this a curse..??
Will they succeed the mission..??

Certain incidents of this story made me feel scared at the moment i was reading it. It is written in such an intriguing way. Moreover, through this story you will feel sadness, happiness, comfort and love. In addition to the botany and medicine words you’ll encounter while reading this book, there is a word that very common these days. Quarantine!

By covering several genres like Science, Thriller, Suspense and Adventure fiction, this unique book was written by world famous writer, James Rollins. Manjula Dissanayake has done a successful translation for Sri Lankan readers with great enthusiasm and dedication.

Finally as a book lover my request is, dear translator we need more books like this. 📚

Brief Description of the Sinhala Translation:
Title: ඇමසෝනියා
Translator: Manjula Dissanayake
Publisher: Muses Books


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