Kaleidoscope – Danielle Steel

හිමි අහිමි – Koshalee Sirichandra

For the first time, I saw this Sinhala translation in the Sarasavi bookshop in Nugegoda. First I was drawn to the front cover and then to summary of the back cover. While I was reading the book, I realized that this is a stunning book.

This story begins with II world war in Europe. Love has no limit or a time, and this story also started a love in two hearts in an unexpected moment. An American soldier won the heart of a French beauty and a beautiful love story flowed. At the end of the war they were able to be together and lucky to have three beautiful fairies.

But the misfortune was brought to them and their marriage life started to change little by little. One unfortunate day, it was their end. Dad killed the mother while the daughters were at home. In the end, the dad committed suicide by orphaning his daughters. What happens to helpless girls..? Will they still be able to live together as sisters..? The author / translator has carried the story, creating a curiosity mixed with sympathy for the reader. While you read this story, you will feel that the love of your sisters does not die wherever you are.

The young translator has done her job for Sinhala readers can read in one breath. I wish her to continue to create more heartwarming creations for her readers. ❤

Brief Description of the Sinhala Translation:
Title : හිමි අහිමි
Translator : Koshalee Sirichandra
Publisher : Ashirwada Publishers


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