Ranarala – රණරාළ

Ranarala is a version of Masterman Ready of Frederick Marryat’s, written by G.B. Senanayaka.  

This book was able to win all the hearts of readers who were in past and present. The story was written around a brave sailor called Ranarala and a Sinhala family that caught up to storm and an Island in Atlantic Ocean.

October 1814, a ship was sailing on Atlantic Ocean which name is Pacific. Except that thirteen sailors including the captain, there was a Sinhala business family as passengers who lived in Australia and traveling to Sri Lanka for a vacation. During the voyage, the ship caught up-to a terrible storm. At last after great deal of hard work, they were unable to control, and sailors decided to drop the ship. Other than Ranarala, all sailors agreed to leave the passengers in the ship and ready the boat. The boat left from the ship by leaving Ranarala and family alone. So, the ship was sailing ahead, and sea became into calm and quit. A moment of hopelessness, Ranarala and Samarawickrama was lucky to see an something weird among the clouds.

An Island!!!

Since then, the story is unfolding with the adventurous experiences that Ranarala and the family were being faced by creating curiosity. Absolutely, Ranarala will become a hero inside of all young hearts who are reading this story. I recommend to all the booklovers to read and enjoy this book today-itself.

Finally my heartiest gratitude to late Mr.G.B.Senanayake who did a great job for fill our childhood from adventurous memories.

Brief Description of the Sinhala version:
Title:  රණරාළ
Author: G.B. Senanayake
Publisher: Tharanga Publishers


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